B-2 Jogger

B-2 Jogger

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Easier jogging with higher productivity is achieved using the automatic Baum B2 Jogger. Preparation of cutting material with repeated accuracy in the jogging process ensures uniform quality throughout the remaining finishing processes after cutting. Automatic tiltable gauges on both sides with hard-chrome plated table surfaces insure corrosion resistance and a long lasting work surface. The table surface is fitted with air jets, making the jogging and movement of material easier. The table can be inclined to the right or left with four angular adjustments each side. Jogging intensity can be infinitely adjusted. Air supply during jogging can be activated as needed.

The Baum B2 Jogger can be operated offline or can be integrated as a complete cutting system with the entire BaumCut line of cutters and the Baum L2 Stack Lift for maximum productivity.


  • Inline or offline Jogging
  • Automatic Tiltable Gauges
  • Corrosion Proof table surface
  • CE Safety Standards


  • Size (Usable Table Surface):  28-3/8" x 34-1/4" (72 x 87cm ) 
  • Maximum Pile Height: 6-1/2" (16.5 cm )
  • Power: 2 Hp / 1.5 kw
  • Required Space (Gauges tilted down) dxw: 33.88 x 50 (86 to 127 cm)
  • Table Height (infinitely Adjustable): 33.88 to 37.38 (86 to 95 cm)
  • Net Weight: 758 lbs (344 kg)
  • Air Capacity (fixed blower unit): 700 liters/min.
  • Max Air Pressure (fixed blower): 0.12 bar
  • Tiltable Gauges Air Capacity: 12 liters/min.
  • Tiltable Gauges Air Pressure: 6-8 bar