TrueScore-Pro Digital Scoring Kit

TrueScore-Pro Digital Scoring Kit

  • $1,190.00

The Rosback TrueScore-Pro Digital Scoring System is the best method to eliminate cracking on digitally printed stock.  Faster, easier, and more productive than any other method. No more outsourcing difficult scoring jobs.  This patent pending design is so simple to use even inexperienced operators will enjoy perfect crack-free results!

#220-A-203 for Rosback machines  

Fits Baum, Stahl and MBO Brands.  Please order by diameter of your shafts.  If you're not sure, we can help. 1-800-421-8720

#TS25-A-010 for 25mm folders

#TS30-A-010 for 30mm folders

#TS35-A-010 for 35mm folders

#TS1125-A-010 for 1.125” folders

EACH KIT CONTAINS: 1-Upper Male Head 1-Lower Female Head 1-Black Male Scoring Disc 1-Blue Male Scoring Disc 1-Red Male Scoring Disc 1-Allen Key for Heads 1-Set Head Tools Featuring durable and attractive stainless steel hubs and nuts.